In November 2013 I went on a fantastic trip to Myanmar(Burma) together with the a group of Danish cartoonists. The Burmese are the sweetest and most friendly people.
An example –illustration 1, bagan market is made on the spot – I wanted to make a drawing of this busy market and found a kind of cart with big bags of onions on it- there was a spare corner and I asked the man selling the onions if it is was OK if I sat down there .He smiled and signaled that it was OK- so I sat sketching for about 15 minutes and then went to get some water for my watercolours. When I returned the man had gone and I tried to place my behind on the corner of the cart again..but now the cart tilted and the bags with onions began slipping towards me –of course I emmediately jumped of.The man came running back –I excused me using him as a contra-weight but he smiled and signalled to me to sit down and finish my picture.

The rest of the drawings are from another market , from the Inle Lake with the fantastic houses on poles, the woman with the very long necks and sketches of some of the other cartoonists.